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 We specialize in helping people to heal their lives from the disease of addiction.

We understand that the disease of addiction is progressive in nature and potentially terminal if left untreated.

We believe that addiction is a disease of the mid brain. The dysfunction of the neurological system impacts every area of the victims life-physical, mental, social and spiritual. As the disease progresses the patient's inability to postpone instant gratification or the ability to play the tape all the way through, before using, are severely compromised, ( Loss of control ).

The pleasure pathways are located in mid brain. Unfortunately, because addiction effects the pleasure system, many people believe addiction is a moral or self-discipline issue rather than a medical condition. It can be very difficult for loved ones to accept that addiction is a medical problem instead of a behavioral problem.

The behaviors of addiction are not just about what happens when the person is intoxicated. It is common for addicted people to blame other people for their problems, to minimize their use of drugs or alcohol, to rationalize or intellectualize the behaviors the family or community are concerned about.  Addict's omit information they believe will make them look bad, sometimes to the point they start to believe it themselves.  Addicts use anger to problem solve, and they hurt the people they love the most. they don't always do the things they say they will do, they promise they will stop using drugs or alcohol or that they will control it better. Sound familiar?  

It's hard to understand the behaviors of active addiction are symptoms of the disease, rather than behaviors that cause the disease. Not everyone can accept this. However, when the disease is in remission the behavior slowly subside and a path to healing for the patient and their loved ones can begin.

We believe the progression of disease can be completely arrested and healing can occur with continuous abstinence from alcohol and other drugs. Addicts can experience remission through a re-framing of the mind through cognitive therapy, healthy daily living and the development of a recovery life style that allows living without drug and alcohol to become natural.

We believe that as long as the alcoholic or addict is alive, there is hope for healing. We act with the certainty that our every contact with a practicing addict may be that addict’s last, best chance at recovery, and that every crisis is an opportunity to bring an addict into recovery.

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